Getting Started

Nodee CMS differ from other CMSs in how it works with data. Data are separated from its view. This allows to CMS to handle any data viewing and the editing scenario. Content is managed with widgets. Thanks to data and view separation, widgets are reusable in other projects. That speed up website development. See basic widgets in action in our StarterKit for Nodee CMS.

CMS Features

  • full control over templates and controllers inside the admin area
  • simple to add and edit content to the webpage
  • powerful Rest API
  • built in JavaScript (NodeJS)

Redesign a website, made in Nodee CMS, is not a problem. You don't need to do any complicated data transfer, to redesign it. Only change HTML code and element's CSS. Rest API allows to you to view data like you want and where you need. For example in few steps you are able to view data in mobile app.


  1. install and run mongodb
  2. install graphicsmagick brew install ghostscript and brew install graphicsmagick, or graphicsmagick on windows
  3. download, unzip cms
  4. cd inside folder, then npm install to download modules
  5. run cms with node debug.js ,or node release.js


nodejs >= 4.0.0
running mongodb > 2


When CMS is installed, then open http://localhost:8080/cmsadmin. To create first user (admin) click on the "register", enter email address and password. After that you can log in to the admin.