Nodee Apps

Nodee Apps are group of web applications written in JavaScript. Build on top of Total.js and Node.js. Total.js is the server side framework.

Nodee Apps are Open Source build with developers on the mind. If you are familiar with JavaScript, you can easy extend anything. Localise or add new features in to the administration, CMS or e-commerce platform.

See source on Github.

You will find repositories:

  • cms - full- featured and easy extandable NodeJS CMS
  • package-cms - cms package, extension of admin package
  • model - advanced, database agnostic ODM
  • theme - bootstrap admin theme used in admin, cms, and other packages
  • package-admin - modular administration area with auth and front-end
  • angular-modules - angular modules used in admin package
  • package-total - Total.js base package - implements enterprise-view, auth, etc...
  • package-admin-languages - language pack for admin package
  • view - advanced, rendering and parsing engine
  • utils - set of useful helpers
  • data - group, synchronize, compare sorted data feeds